Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Colorado Shines Ratings Mean?
A Colorado Shines rating (Levels 1-5) gives parents peace of mind. The Colorado Shines rating means that the program is licensed, in good standing with the state, meets health and safety standards, and is regularly monitored.

Programs with higher ratings (Levels 3-5) have completed a process to show quality programs and practice in all areas that Colorado Shines reviews (see bullet list below).

Colorado Shines rates the quality of Colorado’s child care and preschool programs for children ages 0-5, based on how well each program:

  • Supports children’s health and safety
  • Ensures the staff are well-trained and effective
  • Provides a supportive learning environment that teaches children new skills
  • Helps parents become partners in their child’s learning
  • Demonstrates good leadership and business practices

Little Boots Early Learning Center earned the Highest Colorado Shines Rating and is a LEVEL 5 Center!
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